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DIRAC’S Translation Support Programme for Foreign Publishers 2024

The deadline for applications to be submitted is 1 December 2024.

Miércoles 25 de octubre de 2023

The Division of Culture, the Arts, Heritage and Public Diplomacy (DIRAC) is pleased to inform that the DIRAC Contest 2024 Translation support Programme for Foreign Publishers is now open.

This programme has the role of disseminate and promote the literary work and thoughts of national authors abroad, through the publication of their work in other languages than Spanish in line with the guidelines set forth for the Chilean Foreign Policy. In this context, DIRAC invites Foreign Publishers to submit translation projects related to Chilean literatura.

The process for this Challenge Fund consists of the following stages:

  • Registration in the platform 
  • Application form 
  • Admissibility 
  • Evaluation 
  • Final Selection 
  • Lignature of the Letter of Commitment 

To view and download, double-click the necessary following documents:



Forms (view download folder)


All the applications must be submitted exclusively through the official platform available for this purpose.

• Here the digital platform 

For any question:   [email protected]